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How to reset a document
A 'sender' can reset the form field entries for a signer provided the signer has... more
Personal email and login email conflict
When testing Legalesign you may send a document to yourself using other personal... more
Is it possible to add Hint/Tips for the signer
Guidance information can be added for the signer, this can be given on a Singer ... more
Signer says He/She can't complete the document
Fields within a document can be set as optional or required, signers must enter ... more
Can I remove the QR code (Legalesign validation and signers info) and audit log
You can stop the audit log from being appended in Admin>PDF Security>Appen... more
Signer says they cannot access the signing page - Link Expired
If using the direct link, get in touch with, you may need... more
I want to access a document I signed
If you signed a document and stored it with us you can access it again in future... more
Change the length of time a document link is accessible
The document link within a notification email is set as a one-time-link, this ca... more
Turn off save buttons for signers
Access the PDF edit page for the document by clicking the Docs tab and selecting... more
Signer language information
The default selection for your signer language can be selected within your Signi... more
The signing process - talking a signer through it
The signing process has three parts: i) fill out form fields, including signatur... more
Where to download a signed document
On your Dashboard you will have a list of all sent and signed documents. All sig... more
Embed a document in a website
There are two ways to embed a document. i) You can embed an 'open document' for ... more
Signer says he/she has signed, but the dashboard shows they have not
The signer will not have completed the final 'execution process'. After a signer... more
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