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Personal email and login email conflict

When testing Legalesign you may send a document to yourself using other personal emails.

Because of how security and authentication works in Legalesign, if you are logged into Admin using one email, and then go to Sign a document via a different email, all your logins will start failing; you won't be able access or sign the document and your Admin will force you to logout.

This is because live updates are happening on the Dashboard, and meanwhile you are trying to authenticate using a different set of credentials through the signing process.

The solution is to either logout of Admin OR to use a different web browser to sign the document (by personal email we mean any  email that is not your Legalesign login email).

When you get the email notifying you of a document to sign, right click on the link and click 'Copy Link'.  Then paste that link into the address bar of a different browser with no Legalesign Admin.  You will now have no problem going through the signing process.

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