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Sent documents

Searching Sent Documents
Legalesign users can search for individual documents or groups of documents in t... more
How to save your contract workflow
You can save your document workflows for reuse and optionally share them with ot... more
How to delete pre-saved reminders without deleting the document
These can be edited within the details page for the document, to get here, go to... more
How to add/remove or edit agreement statments
Users can Add/Remove or Edit the agreement statements that signers confirm prior... more
How to use the Bulk Send feature
What is the Bulk Send feature? The bulks send feature allows customers to send ... more
How can I remove all completed documents from the live board
To tidy up the live board and show only sent documents still in progress, click ... more
Can I edit the PDF once a document has been sent
While you cannot edit the underlying PDF document you can edit any sender field ... more
About Approvers
There are two types of approver, for slightly different business situations. Usu... more
Search sent documents
*The below article contains information for customers using Legalesign's app ser... more
Reviewers and approvers for individual signers
Associate one or more 'reviewers' or 'approvers' with a signer when sending a do... more
One-click bulk send PDF for multiple signers
Use bulk send to send a PDF-based document to many people with one click. Prepa... more
How to send multiple documents to the same person
Please go to How to batch together documents ( more
Passwords for Contracts
Admin permission only. Go to 'Admin' > 'Settings' down to the second section ... more
Change a signer email or name
If you have sent a document to the wrong name, email, or you get an email bounce... more
Send a reminder email / resend the link
Go to the Dashboard and locate your document within the Liveboard, click on the ... more
Lost Document
If you appear to have lost your document check the Archive. Along the upper righ... more
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