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One-click bulk send PDF for multiple signers

Use bulk send to send a PDF-based document to many people with one click.

Prepare your CSV:

Must be comma-delimited CSV

Your csv file must be 'comma-delimited'. Check the options when saving your spreadsheet.

Column headings:

The first row contains text headings that tell Legalesign what to do. 

Required Headings:

You must have these headings in each column along the top row (in any order) first name, last name, email.  You must have these values for each signer. These column heading cannot double up as fields within the PDF.

Other reserved headings:

Reserved headings are "behalf of", "attachments" and "document title" .

"behalf of" is an optional value for a signer

"document title" is the name of the sent document (it cannot be set per-signer). Using a naming convention for your document titles is a common way to organise them later in your own storage.

"attachments" can contain any extra static attachments you wish to add to your initial email to signers.  If used, upload these documents beforehand in "Extra Email Attachments" which you will find in the "Doc options" navigation. Use exactly the same file name in your CSV as that listed in the extra email attachments section. If you want to add more than one extra attachment split the names with commas.  Attachments need to be specified for each signer. If you want your draft PDF of your signing document attached then turn on this option in the 'Admin' > 'Emails' settings page.

Sender field labels required:

If your PDF contains Your form fields (sender fields) (to customize the PDF for each signer) then add each field label to the first row columns. Then fill down your custom values for each signer. Make sure sender field labels are not duplicated (go to PDF fields view to check this quickly).

Multi-signer documents:

For multi-signer documents the system will split the rows of the CSV to match (e.g if you have two signers in your PDF then rows 2&3, 4&5, 6&7 etc will be signers 1&2 of your doc respectively). If you have sender fields, put your sender field values in the rows for signer 1s (i.e. rows 2,4,6 etc).

Max send:

Fill down the values for each column with up to 100 signers. You can send a maximum of 100 per batch. We recommend waiting for sending to complete between batches.

No realtime updates:
Due to the potentially high volume of sending activity realtime notifications will not occur, please use the refresh link on your dashboard (circular icon to right hand side) to update the dashboard.

Slower bulk send emails:

Due the high volumes bulk send emails are sent on a slower queue than regular documents. Please contact us if your emails have still not been sent after 2-3 minutes.

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