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Search title and tags in Docs
When you search your Documents the search query is made upon each Document's tit... more
Pin documents to your dashboard for fast access
Pinning a PDF document to your dashboard gives you a direct link for fast access... more
How to merge PDF's into a single document
Using Legalesign PDF upload feature, users can both upload multiple documents an... more
How to upload multiple documents
Go to the PDF upload page in "Doc Options". Click "Upload multiple files". Eithe... more
How to add multiple signers to a document
Go to the PDF editing page for the PDF document you want to add multiple signers... more
How to add a witness to a document
Go to the PDF editing page for the PDF document you want to add a witness to, th... more
How to archive/remove PDFs from your document list
To remove PDF templates from your list of documents within the 'Docs' tab, click... more
How can I change the date format or have it entered automatically
Sender Date Fields: Sender dates fields denoted by their black border can be d... more
How to add file upload fields for signers
Signer File Upload fields are advanced form fields that enable signers to upload... more
How to batch document together and enforce a document order
Documents can be batched together, so signers can seamlessly move from signing o... more
How to position or align form fields
There are three options to position or align fields while preparing a template /... more
How to hide field borders (make transparent)
Signer fields can be made transparent in 'Fields View' by ticking the 'No border... more
Using the 'auto-archive when sent' tickbox
This 'Auto-archive when sent' tickbox appears on the PDF edit page, just above t... more
Adding your signature to PDF documents
When you add 'My signature' to PDF documents this creates a pre-made signature t... more
Direct links - How To
Direct links are open web addresses where someone can sign you document. You can... more
Text Tags on Legalesign
Specially formatted text (tags) can be written in to your Word or PDF document a... more
The "part of contract terms" checkbox explained.
The part of contract terms checkbox is important where you have more than one si... more
Better sizing and form field positioning, tips for form fields
Getting form fields set up in the right place and size can be time-consuming. Th... more
How to customise/add information to a template PDF uploaded to Legalesign
Access the PDF editing page for your template, either by uploading a new documen... more
How to add a tag to your PDF templates pr search your templates by tags
Go to document listings (either 'Documents' > 'Document Listings') or the 'Do... more
Change PDF document title
Go to 'Documents' > 'Document listings' or click the 'Document' button on the... more
Make fields optional
When you add either a signer field or a sender field you will see a 'required' t... more
How to upload a PDF
Go to 'Documents' > 'Upload PDF'. On that page either drag your PDF into the ... more
What is the difference between a 'sender' field and a 'signer' field
The names of those fields refers to the person who will complete their values. ... more
PDF does not upload
i) Make sure your PDF is less than 5MB. PDFs which are too large create a poor e... more
Copy fields from one PDF to another
Upload your new PDF. Give it a different name from the one with pre-prepared fie... more
Quick fill for duplicate sender fields
Where you have multiple sender fields that need the same value, for example, the... more
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