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How to add static email attachments to notification emails
Signer and cc'd third parties can receive in addition to the email notification ... more
Can the signer be sent a draft copy of the document to review?
You can attach by default a draft copy of the document to the email notification... more
Can a signer forward the document to someone else to sign
The recipient of the email notification containing a document link can forward t... more
Send a reminder/new link to a signer
Manual Reminders can be sent to any signer of a document that has not executed t... more
Document not be emailed to both signers (set signing as in-parallel or sequential)
Documents can be signed in-parallel or in-sequence. And your preference selected... more
Add logo/brand your emails
You can brand all public facing aspects of the system (i.e. emails to signers an... more
Set a default personal message when sending documents
To create and save default personal messages, go to Admin>Saved emails. To s... more
Email placeholders
Use the following placeholders in emails to signers. They will be replaced with ... more
How to change email subject lines
Administrator permissions required. Go to a ‘Admin’ > ‘Signer Experience’ G... more
Set up automated reminder emails
If you are not redirect automatically go to: how to create reminder schedules (h... more
Change email text
1: Users with administrator permission - You can change all the default text on ... more
Receive signed documents by email
Administrators only. Go to 'Admin' > 'Signer Experience'. Scroll down to 'Ema... more
Use a personal email account or own SMTP server
You can set up Legalesign to send emails from a SMTP server of your choice. Cli... more
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