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How to merge PDF's into a single document

Using Legalesign PDF upload feature, users can both upload multiple documents and merge them. This is particularly useful if the document originated from different sources.

As an example, accountants at the end of the tax year may need to send multiple documents to a client, accounts originating from a spreadsheet, and a tax return and a summary document from a word processor. 

The first step is to save each file as a PDF, and this can usually be done within the original software (e.g. any Office or iWorks program).

On Legalesign, go to Doc Options > Upload PDF > Upload Multiple Files > then click within the upload box and select the PDF you want to appear first > repeat the last step for each PDF in the order you need them to merge > scroll to the bottom of the page and click on 'append these together', the appended document will take on the name of the first PDF > click on the PDF name to access the editing page and add any sender or signer fields required > finally, access the sending page and issue the document for signing.

Watch this video to see a demo of the above process. 

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