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Signer says He/She can't complete the document

Fields within a document can be set as optional or required, signers must enter a value for required fields while optional fields can be left blank.

Should a signer say that they are unable to complete the document it is likely that one of these required fields has not been completed. To check, click the blue button labelled  'Your actions to do' or if signing a open document the white button labelled 'Show help & Navigation'.


A box containing all fields assigned to the signer will be displayed, any fields in red are required and have not been completed, a value needs to be entered for these and the field saved. 


When all form fields are done a large box will come up on the screen.  This contains the 'agreement statements'.   Just below those tickboxes are two buttons: one green to confirm the signer agrees to the document and another red for the signer to reject the document (it is possible for an administrator to  remove the red button).  The signer must tick both checkboxes and click the green button and then the document is considered complete.  The page will now move to the download page.

If the signer closes this box it can be reopened from the buttons just above the document.

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