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Search sent documents

*The below article contains information for customers using Legalesign's app server. For customers on the newer app1 server, see here:


The search and filter functions for sent documents are just above and to the right of the sent document listings on the dashboard, please note that the archive (for signed/rejected docs) has its own search feature.

The functions are (from left to right) 1) a 'Clear' button, 2) a 'Filter' dropdown list, and 3) a text input box for search. You can also find all activity on a certain day 4).

1) Clear button

Press the 'Clear' button anytime to get back to your full listings.

2) Filter dropdown list.

The dropdown filter list is split into three sections: i) filters on the documents, ii) for ordering and iii) by user. 

Each section works separately and remembers its settings unless changed or cleared, so you can compile multiple filters using the list.

For example, in the first dropdown section you can filter for signed documents only, in the second you can order documents by signer emails, and in the last you can list only those assigned to a certain user.  By clicking on each of those you will produce a list of documents with all those three filters/ordering applied.

You can tell which filters/ordering are currently in use by clicking on the dropdown and the filters/ordering in use will be ticked.

3) Text Search

Click on the text search to increase the size of the box, type in the search words and press 'tab' or 'return' to run the search.  It will also apply any filters or ordering selected from the filter dropdown list.

The text search looks for signer emails, signer last names and document names. It is useful to understand how the search works:

If the system detects you entered a valid email it will search for that signer email first, otherwise it will look in the signer last names. If it fails to find any last names that match, it will check finally for document names. 

Add an asterisk '*' to the end of the text to run a 'startswith' search on last names or document names. You might use this type of search if you can't remember the full name or you are using a naming convention for your documents.

If you do a 'startswith' search specifically for document names, the system may give you a listing of matching last names instead (since it checks for last names before document names). For example, if you want to search your documents with names starting 'Wo' and do search 'Wo*', but you have a person called 'Wood' in your listings, you will get the document for Mr or Ms Wood.  In that instance add '*doc' instead of just '*', to tell the system to go straight to a document name search.

4) All activity on certain day

To see all activity on a certain day, click on 'Timeline', which is just above your sent doucment listings. This will change your listings to a timeline format. The search functions mentioned above will now be replaced by a date search box. Enter the date for which you want to see all activities. The date search will try and figure out what you mean based on your location (how people usually write the date where you are) and some typical assumptions, for example, you don't need to add the year if it is the current year.


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